The school year ended on Friday, Jun 6. This spring teachers brought their classes, grades kinder through 5, to the garden for a one-hour introduction to gardening and the experience of planting seeds or seedlings. Late in the school year, the grade 5 class returned to the garden to harvest the beets and beans that had grown from the seeds that they had planted earlier.  Almost all of the seeds planted by grade 5 grew. We attributed this to the PVC pipe collars around the beans and the sheer curtain used to cover the seeds and seedlings until they were 6 inches high.

During the school year interested students attended Garden Club meetings after school for 90 minutes on Mondays and Thursdays to plant, water, weed, harvest and prepare the soil for the next planting.

In the photo, Mr. Sandy shows grade 4 students how a borage plant attracts honey bees to the garden.