The school year ended June 12. Students continued to be active in the student garden last summer and the just-completed school year even though there were no blog posts.

Last summer the garden was maintained by the summer school students - watering and harvesting produce. When the school year began our Garden Club carried on the garden maintenance after school on Mondays and Thursdays. In the fall the grade 1 and grade 3 classes planted in the garden and also planted seeds in peat cups. The peat cups were watered every day until the seeds sprouted and then the cups were planted in the garden by the Garden Club students.

In the spring, students pulled up the old plants, chopped them and turned them under with manure in preparation for spring planting (see photo).

In April students planted corn in a new garden bed. The corn kernels were taken from last year's ears, planted in peat cups and when the seeds sprouted the cups were planted in the garden bed (see picture).  The plants did not grow well this year - only four feet tall and the leaves almost always appeared to be on the verge of wilting. We probably weren't providing enough water as there is a eucalyptus tree nearby.