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Another theory for early bean plant death

Posted by elden sandy on Sunday, August 12, 2012,
We had replanted bean seeds in the kindergarten bed to test the difference between "eucalyptus affected" soil vs good soil. After sprouting several bean plants began to die. Looking closely at one of the dying plants this morning I noticed tiny pill bugs leaving the plant where a hole had been chewed in the plant stem at or below the soil level. New theory: it's possible that the old (rotting?) garden border may be a haven for undesirable insects that come out and attack the plants at ...
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Removal of Encroaching Trees

Posted by elden sandy on Saturday, August 11, 2012,
Today a crew from Treescapes removed the two eucalyptus and two California pepper trees that were closest to the garden. They also removed overhanging branches on two other adjacent  eucalyptus trees. The photo shows one of the guys roped in on a branch being removed - he has just cut off the piece of the branch being lowered by rope.

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