Saturday, April 6, was a garden workday for adults. Mrs. Brewer, Mrs. Baer, Mr. Cook and Mr. Sandy were the crew for the day. Using wheelbarrows, we moved 6 cubic yards of compost that had been delivered in a pile on the parking lot in front of the school. We dumped the compost into the two empty garden beds created last week, then added dirt to create a 50-50 mix of compost and soil. We stacked concrete block to create the walls for the third new raised garden bed and then filled it with the compost-dirt mix. By mid afternoon no compost remained in front of the school and all planned tasks had been completed.

Thank you to those who assisted. Your labor will be a blessing to the children who will work with the school garden.
Amendment wait to be moved.
The crew at work - Mr Cook, Mrs Brewer and Mrs Baer.
Looking southwest across the garden. New raised beds are in foreground and background.