In addition to watering and harvesting, students are now excavating the areas for the new garden beds. Like the original garden beds constructed last spring, these raised garden beds are 24 inches deep with half of that being below ground level. This requires excavating 12 inches below the finished ground level in order to place the floor and the first tier of block. On March 25 students and Mr. Sandy completed the excavation for one garden bed and started excavating the area for the second garden bed.We hope to have the excavation complete and floors installed for two garden beds before Friday.

There will be two workdays for adults. On Friday, March 29, we will moving block from pallets in parking lot and stack block to create garden bed walls as well as excavate the area for the third new garden bed. On Saturday, April 6, we will move soil amendment from the parking lot to garden beds, mix it with dirt and fill garden beds with the mixture.