The new school year began August 26. Since the first week of school  students  in Garden Club have been harvesting crops and watering the garden beds. Water was really important during one week in September when we had high Santa Ana winds and daily temperatures soared above 85 degrees.

Through September we were still getting good crop production from summer squash, tomatoes, beans, bell pepper and cucumber. However, since the end of September many of the plants have stopped producing and we have begun removing the plants and amending the soil in those garden beds. The soil amendment we are using is the compost from our compost bin. The empty compost bin was recently moved to the northeast end of the garden so that it can be filled with the plants being removed from the garden this fall.

The one large pumpkin was harvested at the end of September and is being used as part of a fall decoration in the school office. Later it will be used by the Culinary Arts class to prepare pumpkin recipes; its seeds will be saved to plant next year.