The first garden workday was held on April 21. Eleven volunteers excavated the area for two garden beds, moved concrete block, cut chicken wire and plastic sheet, moved compost, stacked block and filled the two beds with a mixture of dirt and compost. Thanks to the following volunteers who labored in the heat to create the raised beds: M.Rizer, A.Rizer, J.Baer, C.Brewer, E.Rastovich, M.Goodman, P.Goodman, S.Stanton, R.Austinson, T.Moraitis and E.Sandy. Thanks to Mr & Mrs Crump for providing lunch for the workers.

The following week two volunteers, P.Goodman and E.Sandy, excavated the area for the third garden bed and constructed the block wall for the bed, then filled the bed with a dirt-compost mixture. Teachers, Mrs Baer, Mrs Rizer and Mr Sandy met and determined what seeds the Grade 1 and Grade 3 classes would be planting in two of the raised beds.

The bird-net support hoops and the student-plot-layout grids were constructed of 1/2" PVC pipe and installed the week of April 30.

(Photos E.Sandy)