The garden expansion project proposal identified two major tasks: (1) constructing four raised garden beds and (2) installing piped water to new garden faucets. Construction of the four garden beds has been completed and installing the water pipes has begun. Last week students assisted Mr. Sandy in digging 70-feet of 12-in deep trenches. On Saturday Mr. Sandy installed pipe in the trenches, connected the new pipe to an existing water pipe via a new shut-off valve, and installed three risers with garden faucets. Yesterday, after the water was turned on and no leaks were seen, students helped fill the trenches.

Update May 3, 2013: An additional 60 feet of trench has been dug, pipe installed and three more faucets installed. Steel posts supporting garden faucets have also been installed. The garden plumbing is now complete. The new garden faucets were first used to water the garden on May 3.