Over the last few days the kindergarten and grade 1 classes have come to the garden for a lesson in gardening and to plant vegetable seedlings. Mrs Baer's twenty-four grade 1 students came to the garden on Friday and Mrs Vogt's twenty-nine kindergarten students came to the garden on yesterday. Ten students at a time used trowels to dig holes and plant the seedlings while Mrs. Sandy entertained the other students with a short lesson on gardening. Students were in the garden for thirty minutes which was good for this age group. The garden beds were watered after the students returned to their classrooms. The plants were donated by our friends at Green Thumb Nursery in Ventura and by the Lowes Oxnard store. Flags were created and donated to the garden by Sharon Weaver.  Thanks to all who donated to make these events successful. The pictures show the students immediately following the completion of planting.