The CCS 2011-12 school year came to an end June 12 but summer school began June 18. The garden is now being maintained by students who are enrolled in the after-school daycare program. Activities include weeding, watering and removing eucalyptus leaves from garden beds.

None of the plants in the kindergarten garden bed have thrived and most have died. Although the cause is not certain, it is possible that the nearby large eucalyptus tree, whose canopy covers the kindergarten bed, has affected the soil. We can develop a science experiment to compare the growth of seeds in soil with and without eucalyptus leaves.

The three summer school teachers have a once-a week garden class for their students. Students learn about components of soil, parts of plants and maintaining a garden. Each student plants a bush-bean seed in a paper cup and waters it until it sprouts.  Students then transplant their beans into a box on the patio. In the photo the planter boxes can be seen between the barrels. Students are now watering and observing the progress of their bean plants.