Over the last two weeks, students have come to the garden with their teachers and planted seedlings and seeds in the garden beds. The participating classes were: grade 1, Mrs J.Baer; grade 3, Mrs M.Rizer; and kindergarten, Mrs D.Vogt. Seeds and seedlings were provided by parent of students and by Mr E.Sandy and Mrs B.Sandy.

In order to accommodate kindergarten, an additional (temporary) garden bed was created by reusing the railroad ties  that surrounded the original garden bed as a border for the new kindergarten bed. This bed is directly below and shaded by a eucalyptus branch which will be a handicap for plants growing here. Observing and comparing plant growth here to growth in other beds will one of the on-going student activities.

Four kindergarten students transplanting seedlings into the garden. (photo D.Vogt)

The following have now been planted: pole beans (seedlings and seeds) in trellis bed. Marigolds, eggplant, carrots, sunflowers, tomatoes (Better Boy, Early Girl and a cherry tomato variety), pumpkins, squash, watermelon, strawberries, bell pepper,