This has been a busy week in the garden. Students and teachers from four classes have participated in planting: kindergarten, Mrs B.Rogers; grade 2, Mrs V.Crump; grade 5, Mrs M.Vander Linden; grade 5, Mr. J.Chambers.
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Kindergarten planted bush beans and cucumber seedlings.

Grade 2 planted corn seedlings in a "Three Sisters" configuration. Pole beans and squash will be planted later when the corn is four inches high.

Grade 5 planted the four barrels on the patio after first removing existing plants and roots, then adding compost. Barrels were planted with: artichoke, fuchsia, lily and herbs. Some of these plants were donated by Baron Brothers Nursery. Cosmos and corn were planted in the bed along the fence which was extended to the southwest to accommodate the additional planting . Three artichokes were planted between the tomato bed and the plum tree. They also planted two sweet potatoes in the grade 3 bed and beneficial plants, nasturtiums and leeks, in the kindergarten bed.

Students have been excited to see that the seeds planted two weeks ago are beginning to sprout.

In addition, students have begun assisting Mr Sandy after school in watering and other garden maintenance tasks. We began using a soil moisture meter as part of the plant watering routine, so that grade 5 students doing the watering can determine how much water to add to each bed. We have begun to see some partially eaten leaves on some of the plants and have begun anti-insect spraying with a home-made concoction of Murphy Oil Soap and water (1 teaspoon per quart). Students helped to trim an overgrown bush and to load a new compost bin constructed by Mr Sandy.