We've had a warmer than normal February and March in Camarillo with a few days above 80 degrees. During March, all classes kinder through grade 5 came to the garden so that students could have a science lesson on planting and caring for a garden. As part of the garden experience students planted seeds or seedlings in the garden. The pictures (courtesy of Mrs Vander Linden, grade 5 teacher) show Mr. Sandy with the grade 5 students in the garden on March 5.

Preparing Callie and Taylor who will be the planting team leaders.

A review of seed properties and instructions for the day's activity.

Measuring seed spacing with yardstick and using the end of a Sharpie to create a one-inch deep seed hole.

Planting seeds with assistance from the team leaders.

Watering some existing plants. All plants are watered after school twice a week by students who are members of the Garden Club.

Answering student questions about plants.