The 2012-13 school year came to a close on June 7. However, beginning Jun 17,  twenty-four students are now attending summer school. Summer school students will have two one-hour garden classes per week (on Monday and Thursday.)

In the garden, all plants continue to grow, watered by students using the new garden faucets. The past week, the first week of summer school, students harvested 70 pounds of vegetables and fruit. The produce was mostly squash, cucumbers and beans with a few tomatoes.

In May, a new bed had been created next to the Kinder bed. In this bed watermelon and pumpkin were planted so that there will be space for the vines to grow. The pumpkins are said to grow to 500 pounds.

At the northeast end of the garden, a new bridge was placed over the V-ditch to create an entrance to the garden path. The garden path now follows the fence between the bridges at the northeast and southwest ends of the garden, a distance of 140 feet.

Lesson learned: allow more space for squash and tomato plants. We have been giving each student a 9" by 13" plot in the garden beds. This space is perfect for small plants like carrots and bush beans. However, large plants such as squash, tomato and eggplant require much more space; they will grow over and kill plants in the adjacent rectangle plots.