Today Cornerstone Christian Schools began the next to the last week of Elementary Summer School. All students at school came to the garden today. They watered the plants and harvested produce - over 30 pounds today.

Most of today's harvest was delivered to the Many Meals program that provides dinner for those in need at St Mary Magdalen Catholic Church on Mondays. Ears of sweet corn and small popcorn ears were harvested today; however most of the sweet corn ears were past their prime for serving as corn-on-the-cob. Mrs. Sandy will try using it for making corn chowder or learn how to grind it into corn meal.

Students had a garden-related lesson today - they used beet juice to dye squares of cotton cloth red; however the cloth looked pink when drying on the fence.  

Last week students learned to preserve food by pickling, using cucumbers and a no-cook refrigerator recipe. Today the students tasted their pickles. Most thought that the pickles tasted great.

Additional sprinklers were installed in the lawn area at the west end of the building (adjacent to the west bridge to the garden). This to provide more uniform watering of the grass in that area. Half the grass in that area dies in the summer due to lack of water. Hopefully this area will remain green now.