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The following is a draft of the proposed bylaws that have been made available for review and critique.




As approved at the 3/19/09 annual meeting.

Draft Proposal March 24, 2012

The bylaws contained herein supersede any previously distributed bylaws and any amendments to the bylaws made before March 24, 2012.

Cornerstone Christian School is abbreviated CCS herein.


The purpose of the CCS Garden is to provide an opportunity for the students of CCS to develop an understanding of soil, plants and how plants contribute to the nutrition of the human body; as well as to develop skills in agriculture. Facilitating the education of students will be their classroom teachers, parents, and guest experts. School garden lesson plans developed by the State of California will be used as guides for incorporating garden experiences into existing CCS units of instruction.

In all its operations, the CCS Garden shall abide by the terms of the agreement between CCS and the Camarillo Christian Church, the owner of the property on which the garden is located. Specifically the area allocated to the CCS Garden will be maintained with good appearance year-round.


The CCS Garden shall be governed according to the by-laws herein by a Steering Committee. The Garden Manager, elected by the Steering Committee, is responsible for the CCS Garden operation and maintenance twelve months of the year.


The Steering Committee shall ensure that meeting minutes and budget records are preserved for future reference. The current meeting minutes will be publicly posted.


The CCS Garden shall operate with a balanced budget.

At its June meeting each year, the Steering Committee shall approve an annual budget for the CCS Garden.

The CCS Garden budget, showing anticipated income and expenses, shall be submitted to the CCS Principal for incorporation in the annual CCS budget.

The Steering Committee shall establish a maintenance fund to finance expenses other than routine annual operating expenses. The Steering Committee shall establish procedures for disbursing maintenance funds.

Bylaw Review

To take effect, bylaws and amendments thereto shall be approved by CCS administration and Camarillo Christian Church administration. Notice of adopted bylaws shall be provided to CCS staff and parents of participating students.

Bylaw review shall be initiated by a majority of the Steering Committee and approved by the Steering Committee before submission to the general CCS Garden membership.


Any participating gardener should direct any grievance, in writing, to the Garden Manager, or the Steering Committee for resolution. A gardener not satisfied with the resolution of his or her grievance by the Steering Committee may appeal the decision to the CCS administration.


The Steering Committee shall meet monthly (as a minimum) to conduct its regular business and shall annually schedule and conduct a Garden Meeting for interested students and adults.

The Garden Chair shall notify gardeners of the time, place, and proposed agenda for the annual Garden Meeting in writing at least one month prior to the date of the meeting.

The Garden Chair shall post notification for all Garden meetings at the Garden.

The Garden Chair shall ensure that minutes for each Steering Committee meeting are recorded, distributed to Steering Committee Members prior to each subsequent Steering Committee Meeting and preserved for future reference.

A majority of Steering Committee members shall constitute a quorum for conducting business and for voting at Steering Committee meetings.

The CCS Garden and its Steering Committee shall follow Roberts Rules of Order in conducting formal business at the CCS Garden and Steering Committee Meetings.

The Steering Committee may establish committees to carry out its work.


CCS Garden Members (Member Gardeners)


Each CCS class (grade) has a garden bed reserved for its use with the expectation that annual crops will be planted there and the bed will be watered and weeded throughout the school year. Other garden beds will be assigned for perennial plants such as grapes; the maintenance of these beds will be assigned to interested students.

CCS staff and Camarillo Christian Church members may apply for a garden bed and, if there are extra, unassigned beds, they will be assigned to interested parties on a random selection (lottery) basis after the annual meeting in March. Non-student allocation of a garden bed is only assigned for one year. A monthly water fee will be established to pay for water used.

Students, parents, staff and church member who enter the garden must abide by the garden rules that will be given to CCS staff, discussed with CCS students, sent to parents of CCS students and posted at the entrance to the garden.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, a committee of CCS, shall administer and manage the gardens.

The Steering Committee shall comprise no fewer than seven members and no more than thirteen members representing CCS staff, parents of CCS students, Camarillo Christian Church staff and a student. Anyone wishing to join the Steering Committee shall apply to the Steering Committee and shall become a member of the Steering Committee with the approval of two-thirds of the Steering Committee members.

The Steering Committee shall elect from among its members a Garden Chair (or Co-Chairs), a Garden Treasurer and a Garden Manager. These are volunteer positions:

The Garden Chair (or Co-Chairs) and Garden Treasurer shall serve a one-year term from the annual Garden Meeting until the subsequent Garden Meeting.

The Steering Committee shall be able to remove the Garden Chair (or Co-Chair) or Garden Treasurer from office with the approval of two-thirds of its members.

Vacancies in the position of Garden Chair (or Garden Co-Chair) and Garden Treasurer shall be elected by the Steering Committee by a majority of its members.

The Garden Chair shall be responsible for scheduling Steering Committee Meetings.

The Garden Manager shall be responsible for managing the operations of the CCS Garden.

The Garden Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining CCS Garden accounts and financial records.

The Steering Committee shall, by a two-thirds majority of its members, have the power to establish a cap on the total membership of the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee shall, by two-thirds majority of its members, have the power to establish rules for removal of Steering Committee members.

The Steering Committee shall establish such general rules and procedures for the Garden as are necessary from time to time. They shall be put in effect by vote of the Committee at two successive meetings and shall be written, posted promptly and distributed to all gardeners at least once a year.

The Committee shall operate with whatever organizational structure it finds suitable and consistent with by-laws and the agreement with CCS.

With the approval of the CCS administration and Camarillo Christian Church administration, the following acting Steering Committee members will perform Steering Committee functions until the first elected Steering Committee is constituted.

Elden Sandy, CCS teacher, Camarillo Christian Church member
Beatrice Sandy, Camarillo Christian Church member
Jennifer Baer, CCS teacher, Camarillo Christian Church member
Melissa Rizer, CCS teacher, CCS parent, Camarillo Christian Church member
Cheri Phillips ?, Camarillo Christian Church member, Camarillo Christian Church staff
Colleen Brewer ?, CCS Principal, Camarillo Christian Church member


Draft Mar 24, 2012, prepared by e.sandy.