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This alternate garden layout proposal was prepared 4/4/2012 to efficiently use the area that the church has allowed the school to use for the 2012 garden.  The previously proposed enlarging of the garden, removing trees and installing piped water may be allowed in the future, after the school has demonstrated the ability to use and maintain the 2012 garden area year-round.

Three raised garden beds were constructed over a five-day period beginning April 21.

Subsequently, a temporary garden bed was created at the north end of the original garden bed and a narrow planting area (with trellis) was created along the fence. This was done to accommodate increased teacher/student interest in using the garden as a class lab experience. These planting areas are bordered by reused railroad ties that had bordered the original garden bed. 

The four original barrels on the patio have been replanted. The existing Santa Rosa plum and Fuji apple trees have been pruned, fertilized and watered.

A compost bin was created at the south end of the garden area.

The 2012 garden plan is shown below..