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This page provides links to other garden-related resources on the Internet.

Starting a school garden. Six steps of planning before building a garden.

Creating a school garden videos on You Tube created by

A Garden in Every School Program. California Department of Education

Schuykill River Park Community Garden Modeled our proposed bylaws and rules after documents on this website 

Life Lab Garden Classroom, Santa Cruz, California

California School Garden Network. home page

Garden-centered curriculum.

Garden Lesson Plans. The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Garden. Lessons relating to California educational standards.

Planting Vegetables in Ventura County, University of California Cooperative Extension.

Guide to Ventura County's Gardening Resources. University of California Cooperative Extension.

A Child's Garden of Standards. Linking School Gardens to California Education Standards • Grades Two Through Six. California Department of Education. This contains outlines for garden-related lessons.

Living Classroom. Los Altos School District Garden-Based Science Program

Garden-based Curriculum. Los Altos School District

Beneficial Insects. Mother Earth News magazine.

Concrete block raised bed.

Concrete block raised bed 2

Improving Sandy Soil in Vegetable Gardens.


Companion Planting

Planting Corn, Beans and Squash Together